Pigmented Chips for Flexo & Gravure Printing Inks PIGFLEX pigmented chips are organic and inorganic pigments per-dispersed in solvent soluble polyamide resin [spirit soluble and co-solvent] system for use in producing high quality flexographic & rotogravure printing inks. Rotogravure printing ink with excellent adhesion to polyolefin and other film substrates.

PIGFLEX Pigment dispersion chips with outstanding advantages and require no further grinding.

PIGFLEX Pigment dispersion chips make it possible for the printing inks manufacture to produce excellent quality flexographic and gravure inks without much investment in technology and equipments. The chips can be directly used or dissolved into the liquid form with varnish during the ink production.

Inks produced by PIGFLEX Pigment dispersion chips will have the color strength, gloss, printability, reducibility far better matchable in comparison to conventional liquid ink system.

Technical Advantage Of using PA Pigment Dispersion Chips:

  • Ink made of PA pigment dispersion chips with developed technical process of printing, gravure printing has occupied the most on OPP film printing filed. Nowadays, there are market demands for various packages as well as inks. Packaging industries require high quality printing inks as they will affect the quality of their final products. To produce high quality package inks, the most important factor is the dispersion of the pigment in the ink. In other words, ink s quality depends on the particle size of pigment and the clearness of colors on packaging film. Therefore, ink producers are trying to get know-how in order to improve the clear of the colors. Because of the mill machines limit, it is difficult to get pigments fully dispersed if only using mill machines to produce gravure inks. However, inks made of PA pigment dispersion chips can give excellent transparency and clearness that is superior to normal inks.
  • It is possible to produce the high quality ink in bulk volume without complicated process by using pigment dispersion chips. And the production chips have more advantages in respect of the qualities of ink and product loss.
  • Excellent gloss and high strength. The pigment dispersion chips also increase color strength and gloss over 10%.

Mixing Method

  • Take weight of pigment chips necessary to provide given pigment strength in final ink with polyamide varnish and solvents as per formulation in separate containers.
  • Use a high speed stirrer (1500 rpm) with speed regulator and a saw tooth stirrer.
  • Take solvents and polyamide varnish in the stirring vessel. Stir the contents.
  • Start adding chips slowly and raise speed to full for 30-45 minutes.
  • While stirring Take care for spillage. Clamp or hold the container while mixing run.
  • As the chips dissolved and viscosity increase, speed and blade height should be adjusted to keep good movement in the vessel.
  • Make up for lost solvent and stir well.
  • When a liquid form appears, the stirrer should be stopped and the vessels scarped carefully for undissolved pigment chips and continue stirring until whole chips are dissolved.
  • After all the chips have been dissolved, let down with the surplus of solvent and additives under good agitation and Run 5-10 minutes for full mixing.

Our product PIGFLEX can be offered in two types of Polyamide Resin System: 11 Co-Solvent type, 2] NC Compatible Spirit Soluble type. P1GFLEX produced from organic pigments contains two different percentage of loading — 35 and 50. For P1GFLEX produced from inorganic pigment we use loading of 80 percent only. Below given Pigment C.I. Name / Number of our some standard products. However in case of bulk requirement we may produce PIGFLEX with any desired pigment.

01 Arylamide Yellow Pig. Yellow 12,13,14 21090,21100,21095 50.00%
02 Rubine Toner Pig. Red 57:1 15585:01:00 50.00%
03 Red Lake C Pig. Red 53:1 12370 50.00%
04 SF Red FGR Pig. Red 112 12370 50.00%
05 Pthalocynine Blue Pig. Blue 15:3, 15:4 74160 50.00%
06 Pthalocynine Green Pig. Green 7 74260 50.00%
07 Violet Toner Pig. Violet 27 42535:03:00 50.00%
08 Middle Chrome Pig. Yellow 34 77603 80.00%
09 Lemon Chrome Pig. Yellow 34 77603 80.00%
10 Scarlet Chrome Pig. Red 104 77605 80.00%
11 Carbon Black Pig. Carbon Black 50.00%

The deposition prepared to accuracy to the best of our knowledge; however, Kausik Printing Ink will not assume any liability for the accuracy of this information. The final determination of the suitability of the inks for a particular use is the sole responsibility of the user.