Superlam PVC (AL)

Acrylic Base Gravare Printing Ink System for PVC Sleeve

Print Process: Gravure only

Substrates: Applicable on Shrink PVC, Shrink PET.


  • Excellent printability and resolubility.
  • High Colour Strength Inks
  • High Degree of Half Tone Reproduction
  • Low Whiskering Phenomena due to Static Electricity
  • Low Solvent retention / Low Solvent odour
  • Suitable for speed from 50 M/M to 250 M/M
  • Low Heat Up to 40℃ to 60℃ Required for Drying of Ink

Shades : Available in Standard Shades with intermixing capability to achieve desired shades at press room level. Our     shades cover excellent range of ARSR, Light Fastness and Food Packaging Grade.

Print Viscosity [in sec by B-4 Cup @ 300 C)---15 to 20

Solvent System

  • Normal: TOLUENE / ETHYL ACETATE--- 1/2/2
  • Fast: TOLUENE/ETHYL ACETATE --- 1/1/2
  • Retarder: upto10% of Butyl Cellosolve, Ethyl Cellosolve or Butyl Acetate

Remark: Not recommended for Surface Printing on Polyolefin Films.

Health & Safety: Before handling the product, Health & Safety guidelines should be followed strictly.

This data sheet is prepared to accuracy to the best of our knowledge; however, Kausik Printing Ink will not assume any liability for the accuracy of this information. The final determination of the suitability of the inks for a particular use is the sole responsibility of the user.


For printing over kraft/white paper by flexo.

This water reducible ink has been carefully formulated to print over kraft paper which is commonly used to manufacture cement bag. These inks can also be printed over white paper or any such absorbent surface. Though the ink is water reducible it is water resistant once the ink is properly dried. Light fast inks are available from our product range.